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Six locations with extensive bulb fields

Where Can You Find the Most Beautiful Tulip Fields in the Netherlands?

30 June, 2023Reading time 2 minutes

Looking for the best location to admire the flowering tulip fields in spring? We’ve got you covered! We have six locations where you are guaranteed to be able to enjoy bulb fields as far as the eye can see. 

We totally get it; when you see a flowering tulip field all you want is to run over to take the perfect photo. However, you should never enter the fields to take pictures because the colourful bulb fields (the production fields) are the result of all the bulb growers’ hard work (and a source of great pride). Every step taken in a production field can represent a small fortune in lost earnings.

Tulip Experience Amsterdam

Good news! Because we have the solution: our Tulip Experience. Every spring, especially for you, we convert our tulip farm into a tulip museum! In our show garden you can wander around among some 1 million tulips of 700 different varieties to get the best shots. But you can also learn all about tulips and, afterwards, you can pick a beautiful bunch to take home with you as a colourful memento of your visit. All the tulips in our show garden are cultivated in-house. So you don’t need to worry about damage or angry looks; you are free to go wherever you please in our specially laid out show garden, allowing you to experience the tulip’s magic up close.

Our recommendations

Ready to be enchanted by the most beautiful places in the Netherlands to admire the tulip fields from a suitably respectful distance? Here are our top recommendations for an unforgettable tulip experience, all are wonderful and easy to combine with a visit to our Tulip Experience. Let’s go!

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Recommendation 1

De Bollenstreek

It’s no secret that the Flower Bulb Region is the centre of Dutch flower bulb cultivation. With fields extending from Leiden to Haarlem, it is the place to admire tulips. The picturesque roads and quaint villages along the route provide the ultimate Dutch experience. And the best part? Our Tulip Experience is situated there as is the nearby Keukenhof! 

Recommendation 2


for the more adventurous among you, the Noordoostpolder which is slightly further away, is a good option! It is home to the Tulip Festival, where kilometres of tulip routes guide you past colourful fields. Road trip worthy!

Recommendation 3


This island in the province of Zuid-Holland surprises visitors with its extensive tulip fields. A less well known location, but definitely no less beautiful. The quiet roads make it the ideal place for a bicycle ride among the flowering fields.

Recommendation 4


Alongside the Noordoostpolder, Flevoland is also home to impressive tulip fields, for example in the Flevopolder. Every spring the landscape there changes into a colourful sea. 

Recommendation 5

Kop van Noord-Holland

The area around Schagen and Den Helder is also known for its tulip fields. There you can enjoy vast tulip fields against a backdrop of typically Dutch villages and the coastline. 

Recommendation 6


You can find surprisingly beautiful tulip fields in the province of Zeeland, particularly on the island of Walcheren. The combination of colourful fields and Zeeland’s landscape provides unique vistas!

Would you like to plan your visit now?

Coming spring, we will once again welcome you at Tulip Experience at Delfweg 37 in Noordwijkerhout. Naturally, tickets are available from our website.

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