Frequently Asked Questions

About Tulip Experience Amsterdam

When is Tulip Experience Amsterdam open?

Tulip Experience Amsterdam is open every spring, and will reopen in the spring of 2025. The rest of the year we are an active bulb company and, for that reason, closed to the public.

How long does the average visit to Tulip Experience Amsterdam take?

A visit typically takes 60 – 75 minutes.

What is the best time to visit Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

Tulip Experience Amsterdam collaborates with nature as it is dependent on the progress of its tulips’ blooming. This makes it challenging to determine the best time to visit us. We keep you updated on the tulips’ progress using our Instagram page and the blooming update on this website. With 700 varieties, that all flower in phases, there are always tulips blooming in our show garden, indoor tulip show and picking area.

Tulip Experience Amsterdam tends to be quieter before 11:00 and after 16:00. The morning and late afternoon (from 16:00 on) offer the best light for taking stunning photographs.

What should I do if the weather is bad?

The majority of Tulip Experience Amsterdam is indoors. And also, bulb growers always work outside so come rain or shine; bring an umbrella and off we go!

Are pets allowed at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

Pets are allowed at Tulip Experience Amsterdam if they are on a leash. This refers to small pets, such as dogs or cats. Larger animals (such as horses) are only allowed outside opening hours, for example, for a photoshoot. For options, email us at

Can I use a drone at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

No, drones are not permitted due to safery measures. 

Can I walk through the bulb field at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

Unlike the fields in the Flower Bulb Region, which are intended for production, you are allowed to enter our specially laid out bulb field (the selfie/show garden). Here you can take the most beautiful photos surrounded by 700 different varieties of tulip.

What does Tulip Experience Amsterdam do for sustainability?

At Tulip Experience Amsterdam we like to do business sustainably: for example, we do not use plastic and we ask all visitors to visit us by bicycle as much as possible. In addition, the flower bulb nursery grows tulip bulbs with the Planet Proof quality mark, which is also used in vegetable cultivation and has been approved by Greenpeace. This means that we minimize the use of crop protection products and thus enable sustainable bulb cultivation.

Our show garden is entirely organically grown.

When does the Bloemencorso Bollenstreek take place?

The Bloemencorso Bollenstreek takes place on Saturday, April 20 2024. Tulip Experience Amsterdam is accessible that day, but check your route in advance if you plan to visit us that day.

I lost something during my visit to Tulip Experience Amsterdam. How do I find out whether it has been found?

That's unfortunate! Please send an email to:, and we will promptly check if your lost item has been found.

Tickets and Options

How can I order tickets?

You can order your tickets using the ticket portal on this website.

How much does a ticket cost?

A ticket costs €11 for adults and €6.50 for children (both including a bunch of tulips). For €2.00, you can also book an audio tour, available in 9 different languages. Parking is free.

Do tickets need to be paid for immediately?

Tickets should be paid for immediately after ordering and payments can be made using iDeal [for Dutch bank account holders only], credit card, PayPal, etc. See our ticket portal for a detailed overview of the payment options.

I can't book tickets online; how can I nevertheless reserve tickets?

In that case, you can purchase tickets from our ticket/information desk at the entrance. Our colleagues will be happy to assist you!

Can I purchase tickets on site?

You can, however, if you want to ensure you book tickets for a specific day or time slot, we recommend buying tickets online. Purchase them in advance to avoid disappointment.

I have booked tickets for a time slot; how early do I need to be present?

We kindly ask you to be present at least 5 minutes before the start of your time slot.

Help, I won't be on time for my time slot! What should I do?

If you unexpectedly arrive later (or earlier), that's no problem at all, you can still enter Tulip Experience Amsterdam. You don't need to contact us to inform about the change.

How do I have my ticket scanned on site?

You can have your tickets scanned from your phone or from a printed ticket.

Are tickets transferrable?

Yes, tickets are transferrable. It's not an issue if there is another name on your ticket.

How long does my ticket entitle me to stay at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

You can stay at Tulip Experience Amsterdam for 60 – 75 minutes.

The time slot at which I wanted to visit is no longer available. What can I do?

Unfortunately, all the tickets for this time slot have sold out, try another time slot.

Can I reschedule my tickets to another time slot?

Yes, you can. Tickets can be rescheduled using the link you received in the confirmation email. Tickets can be rescheduled to another time slot or later in the season (only valid in the season for which you booked your tickets).

Can I cancel my purchased tickets?

Tickets can be cancelled free of charge up to 48 hours before your visit. Up to 24 hours in advance, only a change in the day or time slot is possible. After that, it is no longer possible to cancel your tickets.

How can I reschedule or cancel my tickets if I booked through an organisation other than Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

To do so, the best option is to contact the seller concerned. Check the contact details on the website you purchased the tickets from.

Can I book a guided tour at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

Absolutely! You can book a tour with one of our enthusiastic, knowledgeable tour guides. Tours are available in Dutch and English, and upon request in German and French. Tours cost € 95 for a 45-minute tour of the museum, suitable for groups of 2 to 60 people. Email to book a tour.

Alternately, you could book an audio tour for €2.00 per person, available in 9 languages. This can be done on site.

What is the Tulip Season Pass and how can I order it?

The Tulip Season Pass allows you to visit us an unlimited number of times during the season. Order the pass online from our ticket portal or our on-site ticket desk. The Tulip Season Pass costs €27.50 for adults (aged 12 and over) and €15 for children (aged 3 to 11). There is however a limit of two bunches of tulips from our indoor picking garden, per person, per season. The Tulip Season Pass is non-transferrable. You do not need to reserve a time slot with your Tulip Season Pass, you can visit us whenever you want.

Is my Dutch museum card valid at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

No, it is not valid at Tulip Experience Amsterdam.

Are there special ticket prices for groups?

Yes, we offer a 10% group discount for groups of 15 people or more. Group tickets can be booked using our ticket portal.

I am interested in booking a coffee or lunch package for my group; where do I do that?

This is definitely possible for groups of 15 people or more! Prices start at €4.25 for a coffee package and €13.25 for a lunch package, including drinks. Email for bookings or inquiries.

Are there special options for schools?

We offer schools a 10% group discount (from 15 students and up). One teacher or supervisor receives free admission for every 15 students. A tour guide can be booked separately. For more information and bookings, email

Route and Parking

Where is Tulip Experience Amsterdam located?

Tulip Experience Amsterdam is situated in Noordwijkerhout, between Amsterdam and The Hague, near Haarlem and Leiden. We are easily accessible by car and can be safely reached by bike using a separate bike lane along the Delfweg. There are also a bus stop (Ruigenhoek) and a train station (Hillegom) nearby.

Is parking free at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

Parking is free for the duration of your visit and no reservation is required. We have a spacious parking lot with 150 parking spaces for cars and 7 spaces for coaches or camper vans.

How long am I allowed to park?

You are allowed to park for free during your visit (60 – 75 minutes) to Tulip Experience Amsterdam.

Do you have parking spaces for camper vans?

Yes, we have a limited number of camper van parking spaces. No reservation required.

Is there a bicycle parking facility?

Absolutely, you can park your bike in one of the bike racks next to the entrance of Tulip Experience Amsterdam.

How do I travel to Tulip Experience Amsterdam by public transport?

If you wish to take public transport it’s best to travel to Hillegom train station. From there, take Bus 57 to Leiden and get off at the Ruigenhoek stop. It is a 10-minute walk from Ruigenhoek to Tulip Experience Amsterdam. Conveniently plan your journey using (the public transport planning site for the Netherlands).


How do I reach Tulip Experience Amsterdam by taxi?

If you want to visit us by taxi from places like Schiphol, Hillegom station or Keukenhof, we recommend pre-booking a taxi with one of the local taxi companies such as Taxi Brouwer, Taxi de Bob, Taxi de Tulp or Taxi Bollenstreek


Is there a restaurant on site?

Yes, there is! You can enjoy Dutch delicacies with a view of our show garden at our coffee corner 'De Witte Zwaan'. Whether you fancy a cup of coffee, a tasty lunch or want to sample typical Dutch treats, we provide a carefully curated range of options.

Is Tulip Experience Amsterdam accessible for people with disabilities?

We are accessible for people with disabilities and the exhibits are all on a single level and wheelchair friendly. We have an accessible toilet and there is ample parking close to the entrance. While our show garden is only partially wheelchair friendly, the majority is accessible.

Do you have restrooms?

We have spacious restrooms, including a baby changing area and an accessible toilet.

Do you provide free Wi-Fi?

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the Tulip Experience.

Can I rent a wheelchair?

We have two wheelchairs available for rent. These cost € 5 per wheelchair and to reserve one, you should email

Can I rent bicycles or scooters from you?

We do not rent bicycles or scooters at Tulip Experience Amsterdam. However, this service is available from one of our partners in the Flower Bulb Region. Refer to our tips page for advice.

Can I buy tulip bulbs at Tulip Experience Amsterdam?

Do you want to enjoy your own flower paradise in your garden next spring? You will find the largest, most beautiful assortment of tulips from our own nursery that come with a 100% flowering guarantee at our Tulip Experience shop! Just order your bulbs online from our webshop and we will deliver them straight to your home from October onwards. We deliver to all EU member states.

You can also buy beautiful summer-flowering bulbs at our farmers’ market during our open season.