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Discover the Flower Bulb Region

5x Surprising Activities!

31 August, 2023Reading time 3 minutes

Ready for a day full of surprises and fun in the Bollenstreek or Flower Bulb Region? We have compiled a list of 5 super fun activities in the area. 

Whether you feel like a bracing day on the coast or wish to immerse yourself in art, we’ve got you covered! All really nearby; fun to combine with your visit to our Tulip Experience (order your tickets here).

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Activity 1

Take a bracing walk along the beach at Langevelderslag or in Noordwijk!

Start your day with some fresh air. The Langevelderslag beach is a mere 5-minute drive from Tulip Experience Amsterdam and Noordwijk's boulevard is only 15 minutes away. Treat yourself to some delicious fries or warm yourself up with a cup of hot chocolate after a walk on one of these huge beaches. 

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Activity 2

Visit the Oosterduinse lake

On the banks of the Oosterduinse lake (known locally as Lake Como or the ‘Comomeer’) you momentarily feel transported to Italy. The lake developed after the last dune excavations in the 1960s. This paradisical spot in Noordwijkerhout is perfect for a relaxing walk, a cosy picnic or a tasty cup of coffee. 

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Activity 3

Hit a hole-in-one at the Tespelduyn Golf Course

For the sports lovers among us: tee off at the Tespelduyn golf course in Noordwijkerhout. Whether you are a pro or just play for fun, this golf course provides enjoyment and challenges for all. Get a view of the gorgeous bulb fields while you play your round of golf!

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Activity 4

Travel to the stars at Space Expo Noordwijk

Prepare for an extraterrestrial adventure at the Space Expo in Noordwijk. Discover the wonders of the universe and learn all about the aerospace sector. A perfect activity for both adults and children! 

Ontdek de Bollenstreek 5 verrassende activiteiten 0006

Activity 5

Art and culture amid the bulb fields

And, finally, you can take a cultural trip to one of the local museums! From the refreshing LAM museum  in Lisse, where art and food create a delectable combination to the historic grandeur of  Museum de Zwarte Tulp [museum of the black tulip] and the picturesque Katwijks Museum [local history museum]. Every museum provides a unique experience featuring exceptional collections and interactive exhibits. And the best thing? All these museums are a mere bike ride away from our Tulip Experience. 

Curious about the best transport options for the Flower Bulb Region? Check out our blog for the handiest travel tips to make your visit even more fun! 

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